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Sample Facebook Listing Post
Facebook is a great way to get advertise your listings.    Below is an example of a facebook post done right.
What’s Happening In The GTA Real Estate Market?
The GTA real estate market has been in the center of attention for quite some time with Toronto in the limelight.  There
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Mortgage Rates over the Last 10 Years in Canada
Canadians have the option to choose between a 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year terms when they are applying for a mortgage loan.
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The Current State of the Real Estate Market in Toronto
Even if many are still haunted by what happened in the USA almost a decade ago when the real estate bubble exploded
Scripts & Prospecting
3 Power Scripts for Inexperienced Agents
When you’re new to real estate, prospective clients may question whether you have the skill to represent them. These scripts emphasize your
Buyer Scripts #11 – By KW Map Coaching
Setting Expectation When Working with Buyers If I am able to listen properly and you are able to articulate what your needs
Buyer Script #10 – By KW Map Coaching – Relocation Buyer
Relocation Buyer Let me explain how I work … The first day we’ll be looking at 3-4 homes in 3-4 different areas.
Buyer Script # 9 – by KW Map Coaching – Qualifying a Buyer
Out of all the scripts that I have heard, this one is perfect for Qualifying a Buyer.  Rather than asking – are
Buyer Script # 8 – By KW Map Coaching – Financially Qualifying the Buyer
Financially Qualifying the Buyer (To begin the financial qualifying of a buyer, we suggest using this strategy.) Are you paying cash or