If Only It Were That Easy



If only selling a house really was this easy!  Houses really would just sell themselves.


All Jokes aside.  Selling a house is difficult and mostly in part because no one (unless you are an agent) truly realizes all the background work that you are doing.   Many people think, put a sign on the yard and the house will sell.  But truthfully it doesn’t.  It takes the right agent to show, present, market and negotiate.  Not all agents are created equal, just like not all houses are created equal.


Happy Monday!



Saw this great article on Fastcompany.com website.

The tips are completely spot on especially for us entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs and business owners are a special breed and to be truly successful (and happy) can be a bit difficult.  If you follow these 7 rules, it will definitely help you along the way.

Below is a list of the top 4 rules. To read the remaining 3, please view the full article.

1. THEY DON’T MAJOR IN THE MINOR – spend your time on things that truly require your time.

2. THEY GET UP EARLY – getting an early start to the day does allow for more time to do things.  You may need to set that alarm a little earier (or a lot earlier) tonight.

3. THEY AVOID MULTITASKING – stay focused.

4. THEY KEEP TRACK OF TASKS – what else can I say, but lists, lists, lists.

To read the full article, please go here.

Working In the Last Quarter of The Year

For many of you, the end of the year is fast approaching.  You may start to think if you are anywhere near the Goal that you set for yourself in 2015.  Did the prospecting methods you chose work in your favour?  What could you have done differently with a client?

How many of you are close to your goal?  Are you trying to figure out what to do to get the last few clients serviced?

It may surprise you, but for the last few years, December has been one of the busiest months in real estate.  So keep an open mind and know that anything is possible!  If you believe that no one is buying or selling now, that is exactly what you will get.

Reach out to your past clients and your sphere.  Touch base with everyone before the year is over.  Try to schedule a coffee or lunch with everyone, especially your past clients.  The holiday season is a great time to do that, however many people are busy, so START NOW!  End off your year on a high note with you strengthening and maintaining your relationships.  If you end the year off RIGHT, your new year will START the same way… RIGHT!

Laughter and a Good Lead

laughing_When you start working with online leads, you become skeptical of the leads that come into your system.  Some may have fake info, weird names or even be located on another continent.  One of our clients recently learned the lesson, that every lead is a good lead.

If you have worked with online leads, I am sure you have plenty of your very own funny stories to tell.  Here is just one that we received from a client.

On another note I wanted to thank everyone at agent locator for a fabulous program that works!! I just removed conditions on a $600,000 deal which I would have not got if I had been for Ben initially reaching out and for the hard work for the team at Agentlocator! There is a funny story to this and I was nervous as the contact’s IP address was in Asia, I didn’t think he was a legitimate buyer. As the time came closer for him to come to Alberta I was getting more nervous about taking him out, I decided I would put bear spray in my purse! Well he was legitimate and what a wonderful young man. He was moving back from Asia after many years working there. Anyway, I would have never hooked up with him if it hadn’t been for your company! The second day out I left the spray at home!!  – B. T.