Whats the One Question That Keeps You Up A Night?

Being in real estate can be a stressful journey. Most agent’s I speak to; have one main concern.  The stability of their career. They say they never know when a deal / commission cheque is coming.  Therefore they cannot plan for their expenses ie: new car, new home, trip, etc.

As you are reading this, I am sure many of you are agreeing.  The secret to consistency of funds is directly linked to the consistency of your follow-up.  Agents who are in constant consistent contact with their network, prospects and leads will always know where their $$$ is coming from.  They know who will be moving 3 months from now to 5 years from now. Knowing who is moving NOW is what most realtors pay attention to.  Therefore they “forget” about those moving 9 months from now. Eventually that 9 months from now timeline, will become a NOW timeline.  If you are not in front of your prospects and network consistently, they will find another agent who is patient.

A successful agent has a pipeline of leads they are working on.  Because they know where and when their deals should be closing (for at least 2 years), they have a sense of stability.  Having said that, by having a sense of stability doesn’t mean that you are going to close each lead.  The timeline of the client may be delayed. Or maybe you are not staying in touch with them the way they want, therefore the client chooses to work with someone else.

Follow up with your prospects consistently.  Keep in touch with your database, they may have referrals to give you.  Most of all stay consistent with your communication.