Buyer Script #10 – By KW Map Coaching – Relocation Buyer

Relocation Buyer

Let me explain how I work … The first day we’ll be looking at 3-4 homes in 3-4 different areas. You’ll need to tell me exactly what you like and dislike about each of them. Based upon that information, I’ll be able to get a clear picture in my mind of what will ultimately meet or exceed your expectations. The next day we’ll look at another 3-4 homes, any one of which you’ll be able to buy. We’ll decide on which
home is the best, write and negotiate the contract, and by noon – at the latest 3:00 – you’ll be under contract. Now, that’s the way that it works, do you have any questions before we start the process?


Relocation Buyer – Control Your Time
Mr./Mrs. Buyer, I understand you are anxious to find a home. Tell me, has your company stipulated that you must look on the weekends only? I ask this because most people prefer to show their homes and negotiate during the week. Since you have a short time scheduled, I would suggest a weekday rather than a weekend, so we have more homes to view. Would seeing more of the homes available be of
benefit to you?