Yay or Nah for Real Estate Teams?

The elusive real estate team… the idea of it seems so simple and logical but in reality; the majority of the times they just don’t work out.

Why don’t they work out? Well that really depends on which part of the team you are and what level of success the team had.

For me, they generally don’t work because the Team Leader, doesn’t truly understand the point of the team and treats team members as assistants.

A Real Estate team leader, in my opinion, is a LEAD GENERATING MASTER.  They are the face of the team and do the prospecting for the Team.  The team members are responsible for following up and converting those leads.

Leading a team is also a bit harder than it looks, especially when you do not have a plan for the team or the business.  And needless to say, this happens quite a bit for those in the industry.

If you  have the right leader and the right team members, working on a team can be the most wonderful thing.  I have seen teams in action for decades and they only grow to be more productive  with each passing year.

Whether a team succeeds or not is truly dependent on whether or not everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.

If you’ve ever been part of a real estate team, comment below on the experiences you’ve had.