Is Branding Everything?

81d1e8ef44bc663ee356c433ad9b90bc   Many will tell you that branding is not everything, while others will say of course it is everything.  But the truth its Branding a huge deal, especially in real estate.   Many say your experience or when your clients meet you, they will use you.

For that I can say you are most certainly correct, but how do you meet them, how do you get them to learn of you or your experience?  That is what branding is all about.

Consumers today, have to trust in something before they even give you the time of day.  You have to create a brand, an image they can trust before they even meet you.  And that is the purpose and effect branding can have.

All agents in your area have the same industry education, albeit not everyone will have the same experience level.  But consumers won’t know that unless they have meet with you.

Branding helps you be that “purple cow”.  It shines a light on your work, your experience and your successes. It gives the consumer the ability to believe in your talents, before having met you.

When you brand yourself correctly and add that with perfect target marketing, you will find the perfect consumers for you.  Starbucks for examples, sells coffee, 400+ times more expensive then their competitors and is still profitable.  With proper branding, your consumers will see YOUR VALUE and have no problem paying you what you deserve for the work that is done.

If your branding does not show your value, then you will meet with consumers who will expect everything for nothing. 🙂

With the new year only weeks away, now is the time to take a step back and see if your branding is creating / showcasing the image that you want.