Seller Commission Objections by Julie Youngblood

Seller Commission Objections #1


SELLER: Will you lower your commission?

AGENT: No. Any other questions?

SELLER: Well, so&so says they will list it for (amount lower than yours).

AGENT: Mr. Seller, first and foremost so&so knows better than I what he/she is worth. Let me ask you this, if I’m not willing to fight for the commission that I know I am worth, how will I ever fight for you in intense negotiations in getting you the most money possible?

SELLER: Well, so&so said they will list it for (amount lower than yours).

AGENT: Wow, why are you paying so much?


AGENT: I mean, if you’re just looking for the cheapest way to go, there are agents that will do it for a lot less. Let me ask you this, what’s more important: What you pay or what you walk away with after all the smoke clears?

SELLER: What we walk away with.

AGENT: Right! So is it fair if we focus on that number vs. what my commission