Buyer Script #4 by KW Map Coaching

The Buyer sees the market shift but does not understand that it is a good time to buy.
Buyer’s Objection
We don’t know if it’s really a good time to buy. Who knows what’s going to happen?
Option A
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], you’re right. No one knows what will happen in a minute, an hour, a day,
or years from now. All we know is what is happening right now, this minute. And right now home prices
are the best they have been in a long time and interest rates have been steadily increasing. Let me ask
you, are you interested in finding a great home for your family and saving money?
AGENT: Then we need to buy now. May I explain?
AGENT: Today we know the price and we know the interest rate. If the economy picks up what
generally happens to interest rates?
BUYER: I think they go up.
AGENT: Right. And what do you think happens to prices?
BUYER: They will also go up.
AGENT: That’s correct. So doesn’t it make sense to save money and care for your family by buying
BUYER: I guess so.
Option B
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], what specifically makes you think this is not a good time to buy?
BUYER: Prices could go lower.
AGENT: Yes they could and while you’re waiting for prices to go lower the interest rates could go higher.
What do you think would have to happen for you to save money?
BUYER: I’m not certain.
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], a home at $300,000 at 6% interest has a principle and interest payment
of $1,798. If interest rates go up to 7% — just a 1% increase — then the house would have to drop in price
to $270,479 to have the same payment. Do you think a seller is going to drop his price by almost
$30,000, which is 10% of his asking price, and then buy a home where he’ll be paying a higher interest
rate and making larger payments, or do you think he’s going to raise the sale price of his home to help
him when he buys?
BUYER: I guess he would just raise his price.
AGENT: You’re right. Let’s buy now so we can save money and take advantage of the interest rate and
lower prices right now. OK?