Buyer Consultation Script By Julie Youngblood

Buyer Consultation-Setting the Table

Once you’ve gotten your Buyer Appointment scheduled IN THE OFFICE, this is the beginning of what could be your Buyer Consultation. Creating a Consultation that you present to all Buyers create consistency in YOUR business.

Use this script to set the tone for the Buyer Consultation.

Agent: First off, Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, thank you so much for agreeing to meet me here in my office. You will find that this will end up saving us lots of time and frustration in the future! Let me share with you my mission. My is to meet or exceed your expectations in the home buying process and help you achieve the end result of home ownership! The bottom line is, after you work with me, I want your experience to be so pleasant that you wouldn’t hesitate to refer all your friends and family with confidence.

My goal for this meeting is one of three results:

1. After we go over the benefits of working with me and why my clients choose me again and again, you will choose to hire me… and that would be GREAT!

2. You may decide after hearing the benefits of working with me that you would rather not, and I’m ok with that too.

3. Or finally, #3, I may choose not to represent you in the purchase of your next home.

Now, does that sound like a fair assessment? (Let them answer!!)

Buyer: WHAT? What do you mean you won’t represent me??

Agent: Let me explain that, remember where I explained what my mission was? To exceed your expectations and find you a home? If at any time during this meeting, in getting to know each other and discovering your wants and needs, I see that I will not be able to provide that type of service or meet your goals, I’d rather turn you away now than disappoint you later. Does that make sense?

Overall, what this script does is build trust and sets you up in a position where you are not attached to the outcome. The Buyer realizes through this that they are not just a commission check and that you only work with people that you know will be a good fit for you and your business standards.