4 Seller Scripting Questions To Ask

I came across this amazing article written by Mike Cuevas.  In the article tailored towards seller scripts he emphasizes the need to build rapport with the sellers and not go through an actual script.  It is my belief that when speaking with a seller there are a few questions that you need answers to.  Do not speak to the potential seller as though you are doing a survey.  Figure out what answers are most important to you and work it in to the conversation.  Below are the top 4 questions, Mike Cuevas believes you need to have answered.  home-sellers

  1. Are you familiar with what’s going on in the market right now?- Most people have no idea exactly how the market is doing right now.  I love giving potential sellers a ”birds eye view” of the market because it allows you to show off expertise and share some valuable insight.  Just be honest.  If the market is shitty tell them that. If the market is awesome tell them that. It’s by far the best way to build trust and gain authority right away.
  2. Are you aware of how important market time is?- I love this question because I already know most sellers have no idea, which then allows me to give them a mini listing presentation on the phone by explaining how we position houses for sale. The point I want to make here is that I am a marketer who happens to have a real estate license and not the other way around. This will allow you to explain the 3 ways to properly position a house for sale. This build instant authority. I wrote another article on this subject and encourage you to read it because we can go on forever here. It’s called 3 Things You Must Talk About In Every Listing Presentation. This is your seller script.  I also wrote it on my local real estate blog here you can check out The 3 Ways To Position Your House For Sale.
  3. Have you prepared a net sheet?- This is the big one that will separate you from the rest.  I am amazed at how many agents do not do this as a service even after they are hired. One of the things that sellers love most is when you offer to provide them with a net sheet because it’s something many of them have not yet thought about. What do you think is more important to a seller, what the house sells for or what they walk away with? This gives them an accurate dollar amount of their net figure after all closing costs based on an estimate sales price. It’s a great service to offer a stranger or referral and they will love you for it. It shows you are going out of your way to help them understand what they will be walking away with at closing. This also gives you a reason to call them back and follow up with them if the initial call did not lead to an appointment.  HINT: getting closing costs also allows you to ask questions about the house and give them a CMA at the same time doesn’t it?
  4. Are you looking to buy another house after you sell this one and if so do you have to sell to buy?- I love this question because the selling and buying at the same time process is so tricky you know that they cannot do it on their own. Every time I point this out to a seller lead it leads to a longer conversation which allows them to see the need to hire a professional.  I would spend the whole phone call on this question and explain how to buy and sell at the same time. Regardless of the conversation it will always lead to a face-to-face meeting because it has to be mapped out in person. You might want to also check out this article 7 Steps To Selling & Buying A House At The Same Time.  This is your seller script.

The overall point here is that if you focus all of your seller scripting around these questions to ask your conversation will go much smoother and you will be serving instead of selling.  You will now be leading the conversation with an open ear giving very insightful authority building information that sellers are attracted to.