Objection Handlers to Ensure Success on the Phone by The Wittenstein Westchester Real Estate Team

1. HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER? Google. (Proceed to the next question)

2. I AM GOING TO LIST WITH A FAMILY MEMBER, FRIEND, CO WORKER Are you looking to do (….) a favor or are you looking to sell your home? (Proceed to the next question)

3. DO YOU HAVE A BUYER FOR MY HOME? I wish that I did, that would make both of our lives a lot easier. (Proceed to the next question)

4. DID YOU SHOW MY HOME WHEN IT WAS LISTED? No. How many showings did you have when the home was listed? Great (Proceed to the next question)

5. I JUST BOUGHT THIS HOUSE I’m sorry about that. Is there a number that would make you move today?

6. I’VE ALREADY FOUND AN AGENT Have you signed a contract already? Yes- We wish you all the best