Why It’s Best to Hire a Professional or Someone Who Does Not Cut Commission

This is a quick post to show why it’s worth it to pay for value and hire the best agent to represent you and your home.  Recently as I’ve been going through listings and seeing photos of various properties, I have come across these photos.  Now keep in mind these are ACTUAL PHOTOS THAT ARE ON THE LISTINGS ON MLS FOR ALL TO SEE.

I would not want my house being represented in such fashion, even worse I’m not sure if the sellers know what the pictures look like.  A true professional would not make the listing live, with photos of this nature.  Some may argue better to have photos than no photos and normally I would agree, however with these two examples below, I’m not sure I agree any more.


Photo #1: This is a current property listed in Oakville for close to $900,000.














Photo #2: Active Listing