What Do You Do To Save Money?


If success is not coming as easily to you as you would like, many choose to stop doing certain things in order to save money.

There are certain things that you can stop in order to save money for your business, but there are some that you cannot stop.  ADVERTISING/MARKETING is one of them.  Yes they are ways to market your business that are for FREE.  If you have the time to do this, then by all means use these methods.  But do keep in mind that your time =money.  So if your time can be better spent elsewhere, you should spend the money, so you are not wasting your time.

Marketing for your business is one aspect of the business, that you should not skimp on.  If the public doesn’t know you, your business, or what you do, then your business cannot grow, nor will it be able to make money for you.

In real estate it takes money to make money.  So if you are starting to use marketing methods that are FREE, and you get some leads and close some deals, make sure you take a portion of each deal to put towards marketing. The more marketing you do for your business the better you business will do.

Now “marketing” in real estate encompasses everything that you do to promote yourself and your business.  That can include, your business card, your website, doing online marketing, print marketing, radio/tv.  Put the money that you have set aside on the marketing that will yield you the best results.  Slowly you will close more transactions and you will be able to put more money towards your marketing, thus allowing yourself to position and promote your business as you see fit.