The New Year is Here.. What Are You Doing Differently This Year?

With the new year here, a couple weeks in.  You should have taken the time to review your business from last year. If you have not done so yet, I urge you to do so now.  (Well maybe not now now, more like after you read this post :))

Tracking and measuring what you did previously, is the only way for you to ensure a successful future.  Take some time and look up the following numbers

  1. How much commission did you make last year
  2. How many transactions did you do
  3. How many buyer clients did you have
  4. How many seller clients did you have
  5. How did you find each client?
  6. What marketing/prospecting methods did you use/try last year and how much did each cost you?
  7. How many contacts/leads did you make with the prospecting method?
  8. How many converted clients?
  9. How much commission did you make per method?
  10. What prospecting /marketing method gave you the best results?
  11. How much time did you devote to your top 3 prospecting method?

Once you break down your results from last year, it will give you a clear cut path for this year.

Focus your energies on what works for you and brings you the best results.  The more time you spend doing something that is truly working for you, the better results you will have this year.

Remember to stay focused this year, track your results on a monthly basis and most importantly have fun while doing it all!