Buyer Script Part 1 – By KW Maps Coaching

The Buyer sees the market shift and now believes he can make any offer he wants and that the Seller will have to accept it.

Buyer’s Objection


There are so many houses on the market. Let’s just low ball them and see what the Seller comes back


Option A
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], that sounds like it would work, yet let’s say you are the seller. How
would you react when someone gave you a really low offer on the home you love and have cared for?
BUYER: I’d probably be upset.
AGENT: You’re right. They do get upset and they react by wanting to come back full price, or reject the
offer all together and they have bad feelings towards you as a buyer. Here’s an idea. Let’s offer them a
price that makes them think. A price that makes them think about accepting the offer rather than
countering it. If you’re the seller, what would you accept?
BUYER: I think I would come down some.
AGENT: Great, let’s write an offer that we think they would take and stand firm if necessary. That way
you get a fair price and a great interest rate, which is what you want, right?
BUYER: Right.


Option B
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], let’s take a look at this as a money issue. To a seller $1,000 is $1,000.
What I mean by that is when we ask the seller to give up $1,000 they reach into their pocket and take
out $1,000. To a buyer $1,000 is $6 per month or 20 cents per day. You see, at 6% interest rate $1,000
off the price results in $6 off the monthly payment.
BUYER: Well I want $20,000 off so I can save $120 per month.
AGENT: $120 per month. I understand saving money is important. Let me ask you how long do you think
you will live in the home?
BUYER: About 5 years.
AGENT: 5 Years. Then let’s do the math, [Insert Buyers’ name]. $20,000 divided by $120 = 166.66
months you would have to live in the house to make up the $20,000. Now that’s 13.88 years. Do we
really want to upset the seller since we might not be living there for more than 5 years?
BUYER: No, if you put it that way.
AGENT: Why don’t we offer a price that is a win/win for both parties? One that you feel like you
received a great payment and the seller feels like they received a great price. After all you like the home
and we haven’t seen anything else that you like as much. Right?
BUYER: Right.
AGENT: Let’s write the offer that makes them accept it rather than counter it, and costs you more
money in the long run. You do like the home don’t you?
AGENT: Let’s write a fair price for both parties. OK?


Option C
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], I can certainly understand why you might take that approach and indeed
it might work. Let me ask you this, are you going to try to buy just any house for your family or the best
BUYER: The best, and at a low ball price.
AGENT: So, best is your priority and if you can get it under value that would really make you happy?
AGENT: Well, which should I do, look for the best properties that meet your family’s needs or for a real
BUYER: Can’t you do both?
AGENT: Well, yes and no. See, no smart seller is going to just give their house away and unless they’re
desperate they won’t advertise that you can steal it from them. Right?
BUYER: Right.
AGENT: So, what we’ll do is search for the best home for you and then do our own quick market study to
verify the value and then you can decide how to prepare your offer. Fair enough?
BUYER: Fair enough.
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], if you had to pay fair value, in a down market for the home your family is
going to live in and love, that would be alright, wouldn’t it?
AGENT: Good. You’re thinking like a smart buyer who loves his family


Door Knocking Script by Julie Youngblood

The Basic Door Knocking Script

Do a cheerful knock-don’t ring doorbell!

Hi! My name is __________ and I’m in real estate.

We just listed/sold/are doing an open house on a house right around the corner (point and look)…. And happened to be in the neighborhood and was wondering…

When do you plan on moving? _______…great!

How long have you lived at this address? _____ years…wow!

Where did you move from? _____…awesome!

How did you happen to pick this area? _______…

wonderful If you were to moved…where would you go next? ________…

wow When would that be? _______

…great… Obviously…you realize….it could take ___ to ___ months in this market…to get a home sold…did you know that?

So…my question is…did you want to be sold and moved in ___ months…or just start selling at that time? ____

fantastic… Fortunately…to get you one step closer to _____

…all we need to do now…is simply…set an appointment…so that I can help YOU…get what YOU want…in the time you want…won’t that be GREAT? What would be better for you…this evening or Tuesday at 6:00?

Listing Just SOLD Script for Neighborhood By Julie Youngblood

Listing Just SOLD Script for Neighborhood


Hi!  Is this _______________?  Hi _____________, This is _______________ and I’m in Real Estate! (Pause) Thank you so much for taking my call!

I’m calling because I/my office/my team just listed a house around the corner on __________ (street name) and unfortunately we sold it in ____ days… the problem is, we still have several buyers looking in your neighborhood… Who do you know who wants to… move out… of your neighborhood?

Great!  What about you, do you want to … sell your home…?

Awesome, thank you so much for thinking about that!

Now, _________________, because we’ve talked I know that you’re going to run into someone who is thinking about… buying a home… selling a home… or… investing in real estate…  It always happens that way!  Can I count on you to … call me… when that happens?

Great!  I’ll send you my contact information, what’s your email address?

Fantastic, again, thank you so much for your time!

Julie Youngblood’s Ninja Objection Handlers

Ninja Objection Handlers

Seller: We want to think it over!

Agent: AWESOME! And, since three minds are better than two, let’s think about it… together… out loud…. What are your thoughts??


Seller: I have a friend in the business!

Agent: I can totally appreciate that, as a matter of fact, most people do have a friend in the business. Let me ask you this… do you absolutely HAVE to sell this home … or… are you just looking to do a friend a favor? (you can always offer to pay the friend a referral fee) Obviously you had me out here for a reason, right? Do you feel I can get your home sold? Terrific! Let’s get started!

Seller: Another agent said they can get me more money!

Agent: I can appreciate that. Here’s what I’ve found… there are agents who will tell you what you want to hear… to get your listing… and then they will beat you up week after week to adjust the price. That’s not what you want, right? Exactly, no one would. They are afraid to tell you the truth upfront, Mr. Seller. You do want the truth, right? Of course you do.

Here’s the bottom line: I’m not in the business to take listings… I’m in the business to sell homes and get my Sellers the most money possible in the market.

Does that sound fair? GREAT! Let’s get started!

Sphere of Influence Script – By Julie Youngblood

Sphere of Influence-Script #1


Hi ____________!  This is ____________________________________.  Thanks so much for taking my call!

This is a quick call about business.

I wanted to touch bases real quick to remind you that I’m in real estate!  And, here’s what I know… statistics show that in the next 12 months you are going to run into 5-7 people who will be ready to …BUY A HOME… SELL A HOME… or INVEST IN REAL ESTATE.

Can I ask you a BIG favor?

When you run into those people, can I count on you to …CALL ME …with their information?


Great!  So, I can count on you to …CALL ME… at least 5 times in the next 12 months!??!!

Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate your help!

Oh, while I’ve got you on the phone now, WHO do you know that is thinking about buying or selling ANYWHERE in the country?

Great!  Again, thanks for your time and I’ll be in touch!



FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Call Script

Hi I’m calling about the home for sale… Is this the owner?

My name is __________________________ and I work with ____________________________.

Can I ask you a couple of quick questions about the property?

  1. Is the property vacant… or are you currently living in the home? GREAT!
  2. How long has it been for sale? AWESOME!
  3. What is the current list price? ($300,000) Repeat the full number slowly.
  4. And…how did you come up with the asking price? FANTASTIC!
  5. Can you tell me why you are selling the property? REPEAT AND COMMENT!
  6. When are you planning on putting the home on the market?
  7. Is there a reason why you decided to try and sell it yourself rather than with a professional real estate broker? (Answer-Usually will be commission)
  8. Well… the reason I ask is because I have helped many For Sale By Owners net the most money possible for their home and I would like to stop by and meet with you and view the property.

Would today at 4:00 work…or is tomorrow at 1:00 better?

They Don’t Want to Set An Appointment:

We aren’t going to pay a commission:  Well, Mr. Seller, let me ask you this… which is more important… what you pay or what you walk away with?  (Let them answer)  Right, so unless the number you walk away with makes sense, you won’t going to sell them home, correct?  (Let them answer)

GREAT!  When’s a good time for me to view the home, is today good or would tomorrow be better?

Do You Have a Buyer?:  We have several Buyers however I’m not sure if your home will work for one of them unless I see the inside.  When is the best time for us to get together, is today good or would tomorrow be better?

How To Pre-Frame Your Close at the Start of Your Listing Presentation – By Joe Stumpf

Mr./Ms. Client, when we are complete with the consultation, you will notice that you have four different options.
Option #1 – You can decide to do nothing at all.
Option #2 – You can decide to do it all on your own.
Option #3 – You can decide to do it with a traditional salesperson.
Option #4 – You can choose me.
Now at the end of your consultation you would close by saying….
I’m curious, what’s it going to be:
1. Do nothing
2. Do it on your own
3. Work with a traditional salesperson
4. Work with me.
Then slowly say….
1 – 2 – 3 or me?

Quick Sales Scripts – Sourced by NAR

Quick Sales Scripts


The Builder You Hope to Represent Asks: “Why haven’t you brought any of your clients to see my development?”

You Say: “I can understand why you’d ask that, and if I were in your postition I’d probably ask that too. The truth is, in order to catch the mice you have to have the cheese, and your houses are the cheese that bring the buyers in. Eighty percent of sales are done between the fifth and 12th contact with a client. I have the systems in place to follow up with potential buyers. Let me tell you more about it…”
Jared James, CEO and Founder of Jared James Enterprises,


A Script For Texting Your Past Clients:

“Hi [client’s name], The market’s really moving and home prices are going up, up, up. Curious about your home’s value?”

Text people you sold homes to between 2004 and 2009. Schedule as many CMA coffee meetings as you can!

Tom Ferry, Founder, Tom Ferry-yourcoach,



They Say: “How do you determine the market value of my property?”

You Say: “Let me make one thing clear: You choose the price, not me. But I’m happy to share all the information and expertise I have to help you determine the best price. Do you want me to recommend a price or at least a price range?”
Rich Levin, Real Estate Trainer and Coach,


They Say: “Things aren’t looking good. At this point, I think my only option is foreclosure.”

You Say: “Sorry to hear about your very stressful situation. Did you know that the lending industry and the government have made some very recent massive changes in how they are helping home owners like you? There are now other options for you instead of foreclosure. I would be happy to sit down with you to go over those options, so you have all the information to make the best decision for you. Do you have time this evening, or would tomorrow be better?”
Tom Ferry, Founder, Tom Ferry-yourcoach,


They Say: “We appreciate your interest, but we want to list with a friend.”

You Say: “I think your loyalty to your friend is admirable. But what about your family? Most people have the bulk of their net worth tied up in their home, so don’t you owe it to your family to get the best negotiator so you can get the best price? “The average real estate pro in this market gets X percent of the list price and I get Y percent because I am a better negotiator. That’s money in your pocket. And even in this market, I never leave any money on the table. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing you can fire me at will without ruining a friendship. As a friend, they will want what is best for you — not what is best for their pocketbook.”
Tom Ferry, Founder, Tom Ferry-yourcoach,


They Say: “Another agent said if we list with you, we will only see you twice: at the listing and at the closing.”

You Say: “Would you rather have me making frequent, face-to-face visits with you or connecting with as many buyers as possible so I can sell your home? And we will be in touch regularly, if not in person. We will be corresponding weekly, as I will be calling you with updates. Now let’s focus on what’s important here.”
Tom Ferry, Founder, Tom Ferry-yourcoach,


They Say: “I want to keep the price the same as the last listing.”

You Say: “Have you received any offers on your home? How many? Let me tell you why that number is so low. People shop for homes by comparison and for 90 days, the buyers have compared your home to other homes out there, from $__ to $__ and didn’t even like your home enough to make you an offer. What we need to do is get you out of a price range that you can’t compete in and get you into another range — say, from $__ to $__, where you will look great by comparison!

“You know, it really doesn’t matter where the offers start; all that matters is where they finish. Your job is to price the home attractively enough so sales associates bring their clients to show, and my job is to negotiate a price that you can accept, and that is usually full price or within a eyelash of the full price.”
Tom Ferry, Founder, Tom Ferry-yourcoach,


They Say: “If we reduce the price of our house, will you reduce your commission?”

You Say: “That’s an interesting thought, but let me ask you a question. Has there ever been a time in your life when you had to accept something that was outside of your control? That’s what’s happening right now. It’s the market determining your price, and that’s truly out of our control. When your price goes down, so does my commission. So we are both in this together. Now, let’s work together to get this sold!”
Donna Fleetwood, co-author of “Now What Do I Say?”


They Say: “I don’t need an agent. I know my home better than any real estate practitioner.”

You Say: “I’m sure that’s true, but knowing your competition can give you a huge advantage. I will be in your neighborhood previewing homes that compare to yours. Would you like to join me? Also, do you have any other selling concerns I can assist you with?”
Cheri Alguire, Business Coach,


They Say: “I heard that agents will still show my home if I just have it on the MLS and don’t work with a real estate professional.”

You Say: “That’s true, some may show it. But what arrangements have you made for compensating associates who show your home? I may have some suggestions for you on how to attract more practitioners. Are you available sometime soon to discuss a few options?”
Cheri Alguire, Business Coach,


They Say: “I want to look at houses before sitting down and talking about searching for homes.”

You Say: “There are two ways I can help you look for houses. The first way is to simply take you out and show you houses, which would be a disservice to you. The second way is to take a little time to answer your questions, give you a copy of all the documents you’ll be seeing, and put you in a position to make better decisions. The choice is yours, and I think you will find the second way extremely valuable. So would you prefer to just look at some houses, or would you like to sit down and get a better understanding of the process first to save time in the end?”
Rich Levin, Real Estate Trainer and Coach,


They Say: “I am too busy to make an offer or even look right now.”

You Say: “I am just curious, is there a way you set aside two hours in your schedule each week so you can search for homes? I don’t want to see you miss some of the great opportunities for buyers right now, such as the $8,000 tax credit and low interest rates.”
— Cheri Alguire, Business Coach,


They say: “I don’t want to hire a real estate agent because I can’t afford to pay the commission.”

You Say: “I understand exactly how you feel. Most people in this economy who have sold their homes successfully have felt the same way. But they probably lost money when they chose not to use a real estate practitioner.

“Here’s why: This year, and every year for decades, the National Association of REALTORS® survey of sellers found that home owners who do not use a real estate pro sold their home for an average of 20 percent less than a home represented by a practitioner. So even with the commission of (insert %), you are likely to make more money. And people who don’t use a real estate pro, despite their best efforts, usually sell their homes for far less.”
Rich Levin, Real Estate Trainer and Coach,


They say: “If I can’t get $x for my house, I can’t afford to sell.”

You say: “I understand your concerns. Have you considered what you will net if you get that amount? Let’s take a closer look at the numbers including what it is costing you each month if the property doesn’t sell. Could I stop by and explain those numbers to you later today?”
Cheri Alguire, Business Coach,


They say: “How come my home didn’t sell when it was on the market before?”

You say: “With the current market we are in, there are so many houses that are similar on the market. In order to get your house to stand out on the MLS, it is important to market it so that it stands out. Can I share with you how I market homes differently on the MLS than I do for potential buyers in, say, the newspaper? Can we meet later today?”
Cheri Alguire, Business Coach,


They Say: “I don’t want to reduce the price of my home.”

You Say: “I understand. But no matter what price we set for your property, there is always a chance it may not sell. I would like to set an appointment to review the activity and reconsider the price in two weeks. We will be monitoring the calls from signs, ads, and open houses to determine our best strategy for locating a buyer. Then we will analyze this information and adjust our marketing campaign as needed until it is sold.”
Rich Levin, Real Estate Trainer and Coach,

Joe Stumpf “Hows The Market” Script

Many people that you know will ask you how the market is.  It’s imperative for your success to know how to effectively answer that question.   If you are a client of AgentLocator, this is a great script to use to get those you know signed up to Streetmatch.
When someone asks…HOWS THE MARKETING
What THEY are really asking was “How’s MY market… not how’s YOUR market.”
What THEY really wanted to know is, in my neighborhood – on my block, are the values of homes going up or down and how long is it taking to sell a home.
So here is a suggested dialogue the next time someone asks you, “How’s the market?”
How’s The Market Dialogue
Overall, the market is doing well.
I’m curious when you ask, “How’s the market?”, would you be interested in specifically how much homes are selling for in your neighborhood and how long they are taking to sell?
What I do for my friends, family and other people in the neighborhood is send a quick email that gives you an up-to-the-moment true analysis of how well the market is doing in your neighborhood. Would you like me to send that to you?
Cool – what’s your email address?