Listing Just SOLD Script for Neighborhood By Julie Youngblood

Listing Just SOLD Script for Neighborhood


Hi!  Is this _______________?  Hi _____________, This is _______________ and I’m in Real Estate! (Pause) Thank you so much for taking my call!

I’m calling because I/my office/my team just listed a house around the corner on __________ (street name) and unfortunately we sold it in ____ days… the problem is, we still have several buyers looking in your neighborhood… Who do you know who wants to… move out… of your neighborhood?

Great!  What about you, do you want to … sell your home…?

Awesome, thank you so much for thinking about that!

Now, _________________, because we’ve talked I know that you’re going to run into someone who is thinking about… buying a home… selling a home… or… investing in real estate…  It always happens that way!  Can I count on you to … call me… when that happens?

Great!  I’ll send you my contact information, what’s your email address?

Fantastic, again, thank you so much for your time!