How to Increase Traffic To Your Website For FREE Part 1 : Facebook

Driving traffic to your website can be very easy and inexpensive; if you know what to do and what to use.

Facebook is a great way to drive traffic, if you have a a lot of friends or likes on your business page.

If you do not have a lot of friends or likes, I highly recommend that you increase your network. Or you can use Facebook’s paid advertising option. (We will post later on this topic).

A great way to increase your network on Facebook is to allow Facebook to connect with your email addresses.  Facebook will see if they can find any of the email addresses from your provider to email addresses of Facebook users.  If there is a match, it will send a Friend Invite to those found.

Once you have increased your network, you can start posting on your business page with more regularity.  Driving traffic to your website with Facebook is very easy by posting on your business page, and linking to specific pages on your website.  The process to linking to your website, is the same regardless of what type of post you are creating.

Please follow the steps below to post on Facebook while linking to your Website

  1. Go To Your Website and Find Which Page You Want to Link To – this can be a listing, a landing page, a blog post, etc.
  2. Copy the URL of the Website Page You Want to Link To
  3. Open Your Facebook Business Page
  4. Paste the URL You Just Copied Into Your Status section
  5. Facebook Will Pull The Link From The URL You Pasted.  Once It Has Been Pulled, Please Erase the URL You Pasted
  6. Now Write an Attention Grabbing Headline in the Status Section to Attract Your Friends and Network to Click on the Link