Remember that your intention from the call is to SET THE APPOINTMENT

Hi/Hey name … this is (name) with (company).

1. You were recently on our site www._______ and we wanted to thank you for registering.

2. We received your request regarding getting a really good deal on a property in the area … Is that the area you’re looking to buy in?

3. What types of property do you like best … Condos or houses? (Wonderful)

4. What price range are you looking to buy in? (Terrific)

5. I’m curious … are you currently renting or do you own your home? Do you need to sell before you buy? (Excellent)

6. Is your house currently on the market? (Really)

7. [If renting:] Are you month to month, or are you in a lease? If you were to find the home of your dreams … could you get out of that lease immediately?

8. How have you been searching for homes?

9. Obviously … since you are looking online you aren’t working with an agent…right?

10. What it will take … for you to buy a home…

11. Let’s meet for 15-20 minutes … so I can show you what it will take to buy a home in today’s competitive market and exactly what our team can do to assist you.

12. What would work better for you? … day/time or day/time.

13. Great! My office is at _____________________

14. My office number is ________________

15. I’ll send you out a confirmation email to…

16. Is your email address still repeat (email address)

17. And is this the best number to reach you?

18. Every seller is going to want to know … are you going to be paying cash … or have you been qualified by a lender? (Perfect)Cash: Terrific … When we meet please bring proof of funds …Lender: Terrific … our clients always ask us for a second opinion … would you like one?No Lender: With such a big decision … who you work with matters … we have a great relationship with _____ … he/she helps all of our clients … why don’t I have them give you a call?

19. Great … thank you again and we look forward to assisting you!

20. Name … will you do me a favor and let me know if something comes up and you can’t make it at ______ .