What Buyers Want From YOU!

In order to truly be successful in real estate you need to master the Buyer client.  Buyers are not that difficult to deal with or understand, once you know what their top reasons are for hiring you.

There is an overwhelming need from buyers to find the right home to purchase.  This means as the agent, you are to find them the right neighbourhood/community that fits their needs and wants, plus finding them the correct home for the buyer client at this point in time or with the idea of any family changes.

Sometimes you are truly helping your client buy a starter home, with the intent to purchase a larger home in a few years.  Other times your client may want to buy their forever home right off the bat.  A home that they will be growing into.

Its your job to find them this home.  Also, clients need to rely heavily on your expertise and experience with the available neighbourhoods.   They may know what they want in a house, but not spend as much time thinking about what they want out of a neighbourhood.

Does it need to be near major highways, transportation, amenities, recreation, etc.