Selling Skillfully

Over time I have come across such amazing content, that I cannot help but want to share.  Today’s post / tip is no different.  Bruce Keith is a Real Estate mentor, whose knowledge is infinite.

Selling Skillfully 

By Bruce Keith

TWO MORE SECRETS…here’s two great sales tips that every Salesperson should have in their back pocket. They are techniques that you can deliver very naturally. Both these approaches will help you be much more compelling in your conversations and presentations.

Here is your ACTION STEP…
Tip 1. When quoting a number as in a statistic, pause and repeat the number a second time with emphasis…“Mr. Customer, there have been 16 sales in this area this month… 16!!!” Get in the habit of doing this automatically. By saying the number the second time with energy it reinforces the significance of the number. Very effective.

Tip 2. When your Client seems to be skeptical of a point you are endeavoring to help them accept often times the best approach is to use a “third-party” example…. “Mr. Customer, recently I had a customer who was in the same position as you are right now. May I explain? Their situation was (describe the previous client’s scenario so your current customer can see how it parallels their situation).”
Then go on to say, “What they decided to do was go ahead and accept the offer because in the long run that was in their best interest. Here we are three months later and they’re very happy that they did. Can you see how it would be best for you to do the same thing?”
By introducing the “third party” example you will help put them at ease. The reason this is so effective is now they do not feel they are the first ones ever in this position. Works very well.

These two tips are examples of what makes the difference between good Salespeople and great Salespeople. Add these two approaches to your repertoire and keep growing. NO Excuses.