Real Estate SEO, how do you do it?

Would you believe that there is a really simple trick to real estate SEO?

Here is a really simple diagram that will help you get more traffic from your real estate website.

Real Estate SEO

How real estate SEO is done

Most real estate agents have two issues with blogging:

I don’t have the time to blog.
If you can’t afford to pay a professional writer or at least someone who has graduated with a high school diploma in North America to write your blogs for you then you have the time to write.

I don’t know what to write about?
I can understand this part as most people are not writers, it’s hard to come up with a subject to write about when you never really thought about writing.  But not to worry, here are some ideas for you:

  1. Weekly statistics on the real estate market within the areas you work in.
  2. Go to the real estate section of your local newspaper & see what they are writing about, rewrite the stories on what you think about their article and link to their article from your blog.
  3. Teresa Boardman an InMan contributor write a topic about this where she lists out 101 ideas you can write about.

In conclusion, please stop:

  1. Stop wasting your time trying to figure out SEO.
  2. Stop paying companies to do your SEO.
  3. Stop believing all the BS about onsite, offsite, H1, H2, Meta Keywords, Meta Description has to be just perfect.
  4. Stop worrying about ranking higher period.

And please start writing

If you can’t afford to write try writing yourself.  If English is not your first language and you can’t express yourself through writing maybe get your kids to help you with it.

If you can afford it, find the right person.  There are hundreds of websites out there which connect you with writers, here are a few:,