Perfect Script for Speaking With OLD & COLD LEADS

Many agents ask us, when to give up on your leads. Well the answer is NEVER.

Even if you have an unresponsive lead in the system, who hasn’t been called in a couple of years…CALL THEM.  oldleads

Your objective is to find out where they are in the process. Do they have plans of moving in the future?

Here is a great script from Beverley Balance.

Hi Name,
So I’m kinda a blast from the past. A couple years ago you had registered on my website looking for homes in CITY area. We never were able to connect and I was just wondering if you were still in the market or whats going on in your life in regards to a home purchase is concerned.

Since you’re in my database, do you have any future plans, do you want us to attempt to update you on what is happening in the CITY market.