Email Tracking? Friend or Foe?

Emaбаннер-3il tracking allows you to see if the person receiving your email has opened it or not.  In real estate, where prospects and leads are very private, this is a very good thing to have in place.  Email tracking, will track where other not the recipient has clicked/opened the email.  This is a process that happens in the background, therefore the recipient may not even be aware that their actions are being tracked.

By tracking your open rates and click through rates, you can determine who is an actively looking at what you are sending them.  This allows you to zero in on your focus and spend follow up time on those who deserve it the most. You may also be able to determine when a leads motivation or time line has changed, if there is a significant difference in their open rates.

By tracking the click through and open rates, it gives you insight into your clients needs, motivation and allows you to follow up with the best approach.

There are tons of email tracking systems, however the one most widely used by Real estate agents is Fabusend