Buyer Script # 6 – By KW Map Coaching

The Buyer sees the market shift and believes that he has all the time in the world to look and buy.
Buyer’s Objection
There is really no rush; there are a lot of houses on the market.

Agent: [Insert Buyer’s Name], there certainly are many homes on the market. Let me ask you, has there
ever been a time when you were out shopping and you saw something on sale that caught your eye, and
yet you didn’t have the time right then to stop and buy it and you thought “there are so many I can
come back later and buy it” only to find when you went back the best ones weren’t available anymore?
Buyer: Yes.
Agent: Well this time is like that time, may I explain?
Buyer: Sure.
Agent: Even through there are many homes on the market the good ones always sell. Everyone is
looking for the best home for the best value. So regardless of the number of homes the best ones still
sell quickly. You do want the best home with the best value don’t you?
Buyer: Yes.
Agent: Then let’s buy today and make this a great home for your family. OK?
Buyer: OK.