Buyer Script #2 by KW Map Coaching

The Buyer has a “fear of the future” and worries that he might lose his job.
Buyer’s Objection
With everything that is happening in the economy, we are afraid we might lose our jobs and not be
able to make payments on a home.


Option A
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], I can appreciate that. So what it looks like you want is to make certain
you can make the payments. Is that correct?
AGENT: Great. You are currently making rent payments. Is that correct?
AGENT: So there are people, like you, that rent property, right?
BUYER: That’s right.
AGENT: So let’s say you lose your job and can’t make the payments. Where would you go?
BUYER: I’m not sure. We would have to find a place.
AGENT: Fantastic. So regardless of where you live you are going to have to pay something for your living
expenses, right?
BUYER: Right.
AGENT: So you could rent your home to someone else and still earn equity. Wouldn’t that be great to
have someone else helping you save money?
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], let me assure you: What you are going through is normal. We call it
“buyer’s remorse before you buy.” Generally, buyers wake up at 2 in the morning with buyer’s remorse.
Thank goodness you have it over with and can sleep tonight knowing you’ve made a great business
decision. Let’s own the home and have positive thoughts about how you are going to enjoy living here
with your family. Fair enough?
BUYER: Sounds great.


Option B
AGENT: [Insert Buyer’s name], I understand how you feel. Don’t you think many buyers might have the
same concern right now?
BUYER: I don’t know, is that what they say?
AGENT: Sure, people are just evaluating their options more closely right now. When I look back on the
many changes in the market, there are always buyers that buy in every market, and there are always
sellers that chose to sell. You have a place to rent don’t you?
BUYER: Well, yes we do.
AGENT: Now all we have to do is decide today whether you want to take advantage of the lower interest
rates and better housing prices or if you want to throw your money away on rent. What is it going to
BUYER: I guess we were just nervous. Since we aren’t the only ones that feel that way, we should just
buy and not pay rent.
AGENT: Great, let’s do that.