The Successful Are Doing It… ARE YOU?

Video marketing is truly where the Real Estate industry has headed and I’m not referring to Virtual tours.

Videos are really where it is at.  There’s not many cons when it comes to video marketing, if any, but the benefits certainly outweigh any cons there might be.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to online prospects that you have.  It gives them a sense of who you are and what you are about.  It allows you to build rapport, which is something that is very difficult to build using email.   It certainly can be far quicker than typing up a letter or even a blog post.

Videos can be used in blog posts aka vlog, it can be on your website, it can be used in email, on social media.  Essentially it can be used everywhere.

The other great thing about videos, is that today’s customer, is more likely to click the Play button then read an article that you have written.   A detailed study by A.C. Nielsen in 2011 has reported that approximately 76 percent of US citizens spend 43 hours a month on the Internet. During this time they view more than 3237 web pages, including videos. In 2012, people in the US watched more than 21 billion videos online, which indicates that video marketing can be the most powerful way to reach to their target markets.


Advantages of video marketing – Sourced By WPGurus

– One of the biggest advantages of video marketing is that is helps you in reaching out to millions of people within a short time, and without spending too many of your marketing dollars. Your video can also go viral and gain millions of views within days. Imagine the benefits for your business. There is no other form of marketing that can offer such impressive results at such a low price

– With audio visuals, you can easily pass your marketing message more effectively because this particular medium appeals to several senses. The use of sound and images elicits feeling and better understanding of the idea. Moreover, watching the message needs little attention and can retain people who would have otherwise opted for other things.

– One of the best advantages of video marketing is that it increases the duration that a person spends on a web page. Your target audience will remember what they saw and heard unlike other marketing methods. This is the best way to present your products, service and explain how they work. Today you can use social media and emails to distribute your videos.

– Innovative technology has allowed cheap production of videos because hardware such as editing suites, cameras, and other important items are now available at cheap rates. Many companies are now offering video production facilities at affordable prices to businesses.

– Use of audio visuals also helps you in winning the trust of audience because they understand that it takes time and efforts to product marketing messages. This also creates an impression that company is really serious and cares about their image and wants to capture attention. As you know, success starts with the first impression that your target audience has about you and this is the best way to create a favorable image.

– Past research shows than more than 79 percent of people who use the Internet frequently watch various videos. This makes this a powerful medium, and if it is well packaged and used effectively can work wonders for any company.

– While using search engine, Internet users check what all is listed on the second page of the results. Mostly, videos are give much higher priority than pictures, text and audio files thus giving you a much better chance to pass on your marketing message. By adding videos to your website, you can help it rank high and make your company more noticeable.

– One of the best advantages of video marketing is that videos you create will last for years and will get you more exposure with time. Usually ads die out within a short time, but opposite is true with viral videos, so you will continue to reap benefits for years.


Prospecting, Prospecting, Prospecting… Are you doing it Correctly?

In my last post, I touched on measuring and tracking your results and basically focusing on what was the profitable approaches from the previous year.

As agents, we are quick to try new things and letting go or giving up on the new things we try.   But do you ever ask yourself, am I doing it correctly before you give up on it?

If you are going to start a new marketing / prospecting method, I highly recommend you do so for at least a year.  Or less your results are completely horrible. Then you need to stop.

If you have a method that is KINDA working for you but not really, ask yourself this: I am pursuing this method to the best of capabilities?

For most agents organizing or structuring of their time is a huge reason why something is not yielding the results that you want.  You cannot do something once a week and expect great results.  Or do something only when you have the time.  Without consistency, your efforts will not provide you with the results that you want.

Homework: So what should you do? Its simple… organize your days for the next week with a calendar/agenda.  Do the same thing at the same time each day.  IE: most successful agents prospect during the hours of 9-12.  Try it out and let me know how it goes.

The New Year is Here.. What Are You Doing Differently This Year?

With the new year here, a couple weeks in.  You should have taken the time to review your business from last year. If you have not done so yet, I urge you to do so now.  (Well maybe not now now, more like after you read this post :))

Tracking and measuring what you did previously, is the only way for you to ensure a successful future.  Take some time and look up the following numbers

  1. How much commission did you make last year
  2. How many transactions did you do
  3. How many buyer clients did you have
  4. How many seller clients did you have
  5. How did you find each client?
  6. What marketing/prospecting methods did you use/try last year and how much did each cost you?
  7. How many contacts/leads did you make with the prospecting method?
  8. How many converted clients?
  9. How much commission did you make per method?
  10. What prospecting /marketing method gave you the best results?
  11. How much time did you devote to your top 3 prospecting method?

Once you break down your results from last year, it will give you a clear cut path for this year.

Focus your energies on what works for you and brings you the best results.  The more time you spend doing something that is truly working for you, the better results you will have this year.

Remember to stay focused this year, track your results on a monthly basis and most importantly have fun while doing it all!