Real Estate SEO, how do you do it?

Would you believe that there is a really simple trick to real estate SEO?

Here is a really simple diagram that will help you get more traffic from your real estate website.

Real Estate SEO

How real estate SEO is done

Most real estate agents have two issues with blogging:

I don’t have the time to blog.
If you can’t afford to pay a professional writer or at least someone who has graduated with a high school diploma in North America to write your blogs for you then you have the time to write.

I don’t know what to write about?
I can understand this part as most people are not writers, it’s hard to come up with a subject to write about when you never really thought about writing.  But not to worry, here are some ideas for you:

  1. Weekly statistics on the real estate market within the areas you work in.
  2. Go to the real estate section of your local newspaper & see what they are writing about, rewrite the stories on what you think about their article and link to their article from your blog.
  3. Teresa Boardman an InMan contributor write a topic about this where she lists out 101 ideas you can write about.

In conclusion, please stop:

  1. Stop wasting your time trying to figure out SEO.
  2. Stop paying companies to do your SEO.
  3. Stop believing all the BS about onsite, offsite, H1, H2, Meta Keywords, Meta Description has to be just perfect.
  4. Stop worrying about ranking higher period.

And please start writing

If you can’t afford to write try writing yourself.  If English is not your first language and you can’t express yourself through writing maybe get your kids to help you with it.

If you can afford it, find the right person.  There are hundreds of websites out there which connect you with writers, here are a few:,

Is Branding Everything?

81d1e8ef44bc663ee356c433ad9b90bc   Many will tell you that branding is not everything, while others will say of course it is everything.  But the truth its Branding a huge deal, especially in real estate.   Many say your experience or when your clients meet you, they will use you.

For that I can say you are most certainly correct, but how do you meet them, how do you get them to learn of you or your experience?  That is what branding is all about.

Consumers today, have to trust in something before they even give you the time of day.  You have to create a brand, an image they can trust before they even meet you.  And that is the purpose and effect branding can have.

All agents in your area have the same industry education, albeit not everyone will have the same experience level.  But consumers won’t know that unless they have meet with you.

Branding helps you be that “purple cow”.  It shines a light on your work, your experience and your successes. It gives the consumer the ability to believe in your talents, before having met you.

When you brand yourself correctly and add that with perfect target marketing, you will find the perfect consumers for you.  Starbucks for examples, sells coffee, 400+ times more expensive then their competitors and is still profitable.  With proper branding, your consumers will see YOUR VALUE and have no problem paying you what you deserve for the work that is done.

If your branding does not show your value, then you will meet with consumers who will expect everything for nothing. 🙂

With the new year only weeks away, now is the time to take a step back and see if your branding is creating / showcasing the image that you want.


Yay or Nah for Real Estate Teams?

The elusive real estate team… the idea of it seems so simple and logical but in reality; the majority of the times they just don’t work out.

Why don’t they work out? Well that really depends on which part of the team you are and what level of success the team had.

For me, they generally don’t work because the Team Leader, doesn’t truly understand the point of the team and treats team members as assistants.

A Real Estate team leader, in my opinion, is a LEAD GENERATING MASTER.  They are the face of the team and do the prospecting for the Team.  The team members are responsible for following up and converting those leads.

Leading a team is also a bit harder than it looks, especially when you do not have a plan for the team or the business.  And needless to say, this happens quite a bit for those in the industry.

If you  have the right leader and the right team members, working on a team can be the most wonderful thing.  I have seen teams in action for decades and they only grow to be more productive  with each passing year.

Whether a team succeeds or not is truly dependent on whether or not everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.

If you’ve ever been part of a real estate team, comment below on the experiences you’ve had.


Featuring 27 Alhart Drive in Toronto, Ontario

27 Alhart Drive in Toronto is a stunning property located in the community of Thistletown-Beaumonde Heights. The pictures truly do not do this completely upgraded home any justice.  You have to see it in the flesh to truly get a sense and feel of the property.



This is a completely custom bungalow with renovations made to every level of the home.  If you are looking for a turn key property, this is it!  The main floor is drenched in natural sunlight and features an open concept design with gorgeous wide planked hardwood floors.  The kitchen is truly a sight to behold.  No expenses were spared when renovating this space.  The open concept kitchen features granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.  The backsplash in the kitchen and the tiled flooring, truly bring the space together.  Even the most discerning eye, will love this kitchen.


Every room is beautiful in this home, but lets get to the 2nd (or maybe 1st) most important room in this home.  The Master Bedroom.  The master bedroom has  is complete with an ensuite bathroom and large closet space.  The  home has 3 bedrooms with a fully finished basement, that can be used as an inlaw suite.  The rear yard has so much green space it will be perfect for entertaining or for families large or small.

With the holiday season fast approaching and on my mind, I can’t help but imaging entertaining my loved ones in this space.

This home is picturesque both inside and out.  Not to mention the neighbourhood is gorgeous and only the best of schools are in the area.

Don’t forget to have a look at the virtual tour for 27 Alhart Drive.